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IQPUBLICATION was launched in year 2023, with an objective of journal publication is to disseminate new and significant research findings to the academic and scientific community. Journals serve as a platform for researchers, scholars, and experts to share their original research, theories, methodologies, and discoveries with their peers.

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IQ Publication aim is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, encourage diverse perspectives, and facilitate transformative research


The vision for IQ Publication is to serve as a hub for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to share their expertise, insights, and advancements related to engineering, science, and innovation.


The Mission for IQ Publication is contribute to the advancements and applications of knowledge in this area, ultimately benefiting society as a whole

Here are some key objectives of IQPUBLICATION

IQPUBLICATION aim to promote the sharing of knowledge and information within a particular field or discipline. By publishing their research in journals, scholars and researchers contribute to the collective body of knowledge and allow others to build upon their work.

IQPUBLICATION typically follow a rigorous peer-review process where experts in the field evaluate the submitted manuscripts for their quality, validity, and significance. This process helps ensure that published articles meet certain standards of research methodology, data analysis, and academic rigor.

IQPUBLICATION Publishing journals enhances the credibility and reputation of researchers and institutions. It serves as a validation of their work and expertise, which can be important for career advancement, securing grants, and attracting collaborations.

IQPUBLICATION provide researchers to share their findings with a wider audience, including other researchers, scholars, students, and professionals. This facilitates the exchange of ideas, promotes discussion, and encourages further research and innovation within the field.

IQPUBLICATION act as repositories of knowledge, ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of research findings. By publishing in journals, researchers contribute to the collective scientific record and allow future generations to access and build upon their work.